Belfast City George Best Airport Live Arrivals (BHD)

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Belfast City George Best Airport Live Arrivals

Belfast City George Best Flight Departures

23 MayLanded 07:28easyJetU2721
23 MayEstimated 07:33easyJetU2531
23 MayEstimatedBritish Airways 4BA1414
23 MayEstimatedAmerican AirlinesAA6710
23 MayEstimatedAer LingusEI8304
23 MayEstimatedQantasQF3549
23 MayEstimatedQatar AirwaysQR5984
23 MayCancelledAer Lingus 2EI3651
23 MayCancelledBritish AirwaysBA8973
23 MayCancelledQatar AirwaysQR8260
23 MayEstimatedAer Lingus 1EI3611
23 MayEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA8901
23 MayEstimatedAer Lingus 1EI3671
23 MayEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA8855
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3641
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8893
23 MayEstimatedAer Lingus 1EI3621
23 MayEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA8979
23 MayScheduledAer LingusEI3601
23 MayScheduledLoganair 1LM85
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA4025
23 MayScheduledBritish Airways 7BA1420
23 MayScheduledAmerican AirlinesAA6788
23 MayScheduledAer LingusEI8310
23 MayScheduledIberiaIB7566
23 MayScheduledJet Linx AviationJL7131
23 MayScheduledKenya AirwaysKQ4096
23 MayScheduledQantasQF3568
23 MayScheduledQatar AirwaysQR5986
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 2EI3653
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8875
23 MayScheduledQatar AirwaysQR8261
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3643
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8999
23 MayScheduledAer LingusEI3673
23 MayScheduledBritish Airways 2BA1412
23 MayScheduledAmerican AirlinesAA7145
23 MayScheduledAer LingusEI8302
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3669
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8859
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3693
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8993
23 MayScheduledAer Lingus 1EI3681
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA8861
23 MayScheduledLufthansaLH1528
23 MayScheduledeasyJetU2801
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