Belfast International Airport Live Arrivals (BFS)

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Belfast International Airport Live Arrivals

Belfast International Flight Departures

29 MayEstimated 01:58Jet2LS326
29 MayEstimated 01:52easyJetU23062
29 MayEstimated 02:50Jet2LS364
29 MayScheduledStar AirDJ6978
29 MayScheduledDHL AirD02506
29 MayScheduledASL Airlines IrelandAG751
29 MayScheduledRyanairFR179
29 MayScheduledRyanair UKRK179
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2417
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2701
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2823
29 MayEstimated 07:50RyanairFR9568
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2323
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2507
29 MayScheduledRyanairFR9563
29 MayScheduledeasyJetU2223
29 MayScheduledRyanairFR191
29 MayScheduledRyanair UKRK191
29 MayScheduledRyanairFR129
29 MayScheduledRyanair UKRK129
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