Sumburgh Airport Live Arrivals (LSI)

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Sumburgh Airport Live Arrivals

Sumburgh Flight Departures

23 MayEstimatedLoganair 1LM70
23 MayEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA4070
23 MayEstimatedLoganairLM901
23 MayEstimatedEastern AirwaysT31035
23 MayEstimatedLoganair 1LM353
23 MayEstimatedBritish AirwaysBA4093
23 MayEstimatedLoganairLM756
23 MayScheduledEastern AirwaysT31035
23 MayScheduledEastern AirwaysT31037
23 MayScheduledLoganairLM903
23 MayScheduledLoganair 1LM131
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA4039
23 MayScheduledLoganair 2LM437
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA4017
23 MayScheduledKLMKL3821
23 MayScheduledEastern AirwaysT31039
23 MayScheduledEastern AirwaysT31037
23 MayScheduledLoganair 1LM622
23 MayScheduledBritish AirwaysBA7852
23 MayScheduledEastern AirwaysT31039
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